High School Girl Makes ‘Sit With Us’ App So That No One Has to Eat Lunch Alone

In the movie Mean Girls, Lindsey Lohan’s character Katie eats lunch in the bathroom on her first day of school because she has no one to sit with. This is obviously not just an occurrence in movies and thus one high school student from California is solving this problem by using technology. After spending her whole seventh grade year eating alone, Natalie Hamptons created an app that helps people find others to sit with at lunch. The app is called ‘Sit With Us.’ The way it works is students designate themselves as “ambassadors” and invite others to join them by posting “open lunch” events. Then anyone who is seeking company can go sit with the “ambassador.” The beauty of this app is that a) It keeps kids from being publicly rejected and b) It is on the phone, so no one needs to know that you are doing this. Additionally, this app helps spread the message to end bullying. Natalie just launched the app and she is already receiving lots of positive feedback. This is something I hope to see spread nation-wide. Read more about Natalie and her app here.


Nava SiltonComment