Space Travel: A Vision—A New York Times Essay

In this New York Times essay, Daniel Simpsons writes about a moment he will never forget. Daniel was born blind and is thus used to this lifestyle. He has struggled, but he knows how to receive accommodations in order for him to reach his full potential. The moment he writes about is when on a walk home from his master’s class, a young man and his mom stop him. The young man is losing his sight and wants to know how Daniel got his seeing eye dog. The mom, Daniel and the man then talk about what resources Daniel uses in order to go to school and class. The mom was so thankful and overjoyed by Daniel’s kindness and advice that she started crying. Although at the time Daniel saw the moment as melodramatic, looking back he realized that he was an ambassador for the young man, giving him hope that everything will be okay. Read the full essay here.


Nava SiltonComment