A Philadelphia mom created a petition for Target to create sensory-friendly check out lines

Like most moms, Kristin Jackowski, is a fan of Target for its array of daily necessities and adorable clothing. However, an enjoyable trip to Target can quickly go south when she gets to a check out line. This is because of the display of candy found at every checkout line. Kristen’s daughter, Navy, has autism and when Kristen denies her the candy, Navy does not just get upset, she has a complete meltdown. People often tell Kristen to just give the candy to Navy, but due to Navy’s autism, she cannot handle sugar and Kristen knows that if she gives in even once, it will set a bad precedent. To combat this issue, Kristen has created a petition, which already has 1000 signatures, asking Target and other big chain stores to create sensory- friendly lines where the candy is replaced by small toys. A media spokesperson from Target has said that they can’t make any decisions yet, but the idea has gotten into the right hands. Read the full news coverage here.


Nava SiltonComment