Mom Tries to Break the Stereotype Behind her Daughter’s Tic Disorder

Fed up with the stereotype surrounding her daughter’s tic disorder, mom, Lora Scantling, decided to use her photographic skills to crush the stereotype. Scantling is a professional photographer who has a six-year-old daughter with a tic disorder. Tic disorders are on a spectrum similar to that of autism. However unlike the autism spectrum, the tic disorder spectrum is unknown to most people. People too often assume that individuals with tic disorders also have coprolalia or the uncontrollable use of obscene language. Scantling was tired of people asking her if her daughter curses. In order to raise awareness for her daughter’s condition, she posted to her business Facebook page an adorable photo of her daughter holding a sign that says “yes, I have a tic disorder no, I do not cuss.” Scantling says she hopes the picture will help people to understand and respect those with mild to extreme cases of tic disorder. Check out the picture below.

Nava SiltonComment