Rapper Opens a Cooking School for Kids with ADHD

London-based rapper Loyle Carner opened up a cooking school specifically for kids with ADHD. Having ADHD himself, he knew first-hand the therapeutic benefits of cooking. The school is called Chilli Con Carne and is a partnership between Carner, whose actual name is Ben, and Goma Collective, a social enterprise focusing on creative projects. The project’s focus is to change the notion among kids with ADHD that they can’t do something and give them the tools to be successful. Carner found his first class of students through his mother’s (a special education teacher’s) connections and by putting up posters at his old school. He also posted about the school on social media, but was wary since he wanted students with ADHD to enroll, not just his fans. Additionally, Carner wants to ensure people know that this is not a publicity stint. He is seriously passionate about this project saying, “Working with these kids I feel unlike I have ever felt before.” Learn more about the program here. 

Nava SiltonComment