High school students with learning disabilities get taste of college life

Beacon College, in Orlando, Florida, is dedicated to giving individuals who learn differently an opportunity to earn a college degree. In order to promote students with learning disabilities attending their school, they held a Summer for Success Program to give students with learning disabilities a taste of college life. The program brought together 34 junior and senior high school students from 14 different states, and one from Ecuador, for a three-week immersion program. The program paired core academics such as math, communication skills and life skills with fun electives to create a condensed version of a college experience. The Summer for Success program will not only inspire individuals to attend college, but also to give them the tools needed to be successful in college. Beacon College is the first institution of its kind accredited to award Bachelor’s degrees primarily to students who learn differently due to diagnoses such as dyslexia and ADHD. In this upcoming school year, there are 325 students enrolled, which is up from 280 enrollees last fall. Learn more about Beacon College here.

Nava SiltonComment