Law to put cameras in special education classrooms goes into effect this school year

A new law in Texas allows any parent, trustee or staff member at a school to request a camera to be installed in a special education classroom. This is thanks to a San Antonio grandmother of a boy with disabilities, who made more than 200 trips to Austin during last year’s legislative season. The cameras not only protect students, but protect teachers, as well. The grandmother gives the example that if her grandson comes home with a bruise the cameras can be used to look at what the cause of the bruise was, such as if he fell or if he was involved in self-harm. Although this has good intentions, school district personnel are wary about the price. Due to this fear, advocates of the law are worried that school districts will take their time to install cameras after a request. Additional steps need to be taken to ensure the law specifies how much time a school has to install the cameras, but for now this is a step in the right direction for protecting special education students and teachers. Read the full article here


Nava SiltonComment