American Girl Doll Resale Store Teaches Job Skills to Young Woman with ASD

American Girl Dolls are a classic toy for young girls across America. The dolls are beautifully crafted and encourage young girls to learn about history and diverse cultures.  However, the dolls and their accessories can be pricey, this is where Girl AGain comes in. Girl AGain is an American Girl Doll resale store in Westchester, NY that sells gently used American Girl dolls, clothes and furniture. What makes Girl AGain especially unique is not the great discount, but actually the individuals who work there. The store is operated by the non-profit organization Yes She Can Inc. The focus of the organization is to teach and develop job skills for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Girl AGain was actually specifically started to help this population of young adults by teaching them job skills that they can use to forge successful careers in the future. Through working at Girl AGain the trainees learn a variety of skills from marketing and customer service to inventory acquisition and appropriate workplace behavior. Learn more about Girl AGain, its mission and the slew of special events they offer throughout the year here

Nava SiltonComment