France Gets Its First Ever Weather Woman With Down Syndrome

France has a new weather woman, Melanie Segard, a crusader in the movement towards diversity in the media. Melanie Segard is France’s first weather woman with Downs Syndrome. Segard always dreamed of being a weather woman, but did not believe those dreams would ever come to reality. With the help of French charity Unapei, a charity supporting individuals with learning disabilities in France, she created a Facebook campaign that challenged weather channels to offer her a chance to present the weather forecast if she received 100,000 likes on her page. In just a few days she surpassed this goal with her page receiving over 185,000 likes in total. This mass support sparked the interest of two different television channels in France, which has both offered Segard opportunities to present the weather forecast on their channels. She is planned to fulfill her lifelong dream on March 27th, 2017. Read the full news article here

Nava SiltonComment