Wheel Dance Brings the Art of Wheelchair Dancing to Canada

Wheelchairs are often thought of only as ways to get around. However, wheelchairs can be more than that. Through dance, individuals in wheelchairs can feel connected to their wheelchairs like never before. Through the art of dance individuals can feel that their wheelchairs are extensions of themselves while at the same time forgetting about the day-to-day issues of accessibility. To promote this form of art therapy, Ken Faber and Randy McNeil founded Wheel Dance, a Canadian non-profit that provides subsidized competitive and non-competitive ballroom and Latin wheelchair dance classes for individuals in wheelchairs and their family and friends. Wheelchair dancing is already popular in Europe and Wheel Dance’s goal is to spread this popularity throughout Canada. By spreading the activity of wheelchair dancing Wheel Dance will be able to bring joy into the lives of thousands of people who thought they would never be able to dance again. Learn more about Wheel Dance and wheelchair dancing here

Nava SiltonComment