Learning Disabilities Should Not Keep Kids From Playing Sports

It is often thought that children with non-verbal learning disabilities, such as those dealing with motor skills, do not like sports or are not good at sports. This is what Michaela Hearst heard growing up with a NVLD (Non-Verbal Learning Disability). In a blog post on Understood.com, a website for and about individuals with learning and attention issues, Hearst wrote about her own experience as an athlete with a non-verbal learning disability. Throughout middle school and high school Hearst accepted the fact that she was “no good” at sports. However when she attended Landmark College, a college for students with learning disabilities, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and give sports a chance. She started by joining the softball team. The coach helped her learn how to properly hold the bat, when to know to hit the ball and how to field. Gaining confidence from her softball experience Hearst decided to try cross-country. This is when she found her true passion, running. Running came easy to her. Her issues with depth perception, motor skills and coordination do not get in the way of her running. Hearst now enjoys running 5K races and hopes to one day run in the New York City Marathon. Hearst has debunked the myth that individuals with learning disabilities are bad at sports. Read the full blog post here

Nava SiltonComment