“Bouncy Bands” Could Help Kids Focus in the Classroom

A new way to help kids focus in the classroom has gone viral. The product is called “Bouncy Bands” and it was first brought to national attention by a public relations worker for the Gravette Public Schools in Arkansas, Becky Rangel. She observed the students in a 4th grade classroom quietly reading at their desks while their feet were playing with the bands under their desks. Rangel took to Facebook to present this amazing learning tool. The video has since been shared more than 99,000 times. Although “Bouncy Bands” are helpful for all students they could be particularly helpful for kids like Addy with ADHD. Hopefully the buzz surrounding “Bouncy Bands” will lead to more teachers using them and more students being able to focus. Check out the Huffington Post article about Bouncy Bands here.

Nava SiltonComment