“How My Son on the Autism Spectrum Uses Google Maps to Communicate”

For parents of children with nonverbal autism, it is hard to figure out what your child wants and/or needs. This can be not only frustrating, but heart breaking as well. This is why parents will try anything to communicate with their child. One mom can communicate with her son who has nonverbal autism though Google Maps. Her son is able to trace back on Google Street View the paths he takes to get to different places such as restaurants, the doctor’s office, his grandma’s house and the mall. He will trace his way to a place he wants to go to and then shows it to his mom. This has opened up new possibilities for his mom and her son. For example, her son was able to tell her for the first time that he was not feeling well, by showing her the doctor’s office. Read more about this mom’s journey here

Nava SiltonComment