On The Autism Spectrum: From Storyteller To Published Author

The Autistic Creative Collective (ACC) is a group of talented artists, writers and musicians on the Autism spectrum. The program was started in February 2016 at an AASCEND (the Autism Aspergers Spectrum Coalition for Education, Networking and Development) meeting. ACC’s goal is identify and support opportunities for jobs, projects and careers for artistic individuals with Autism. One of the first products of this project is the children’s book “The Fire Truck Got Lost,” written by Colin Eldred-Cohen. Elred-Cohen is a 28 year old creative writer with Asperger’s syndrome. Eldred-Cohen has been an active member of the ACC. He credits the release of his book with allowing him to be more than “just an autistic kid,” but someone who has “climbed a freaking mountain.” Read more about the ACC and Eldred-Cohen here

Nava SiltonComment