Coldplay Gave Parents a Way to Connect With Their Son With ASD

For one family, Coldplay allowed them to connect with their son. By the time Davy was 2 years old his parents were exhausted, discouraged and baffled. He wasn’t talking, pointing or giving his parents the slightest hint of what he wanted or needed. He would just scream until the parents figured it out. Then one-day Davy’s dad figured out that Davy had a love for Coldplay music. The family started listening to the music together in the car, dancing around the living room to the songs and watching their concerts on TV. Last week the family had the awesome experience of seeing Coldplay live. Going to the concert was risky because Davy is a sensory avoider, but they had to try. The risk paid off as the night was magical for Davy. He told his mom on the way home: “I felt super thankful tonight that so many other people love Coldplay, like I do!” Read more about Davy, his parents and their connection through Coldplay here.


Nava SiltonComment