The Sweet Reason This Mom Received 163 Identical Shirts from Strangers Around the World

Parents will do anything for their kids; even try to find a shirt that was sold 4 years ago. A Utah mom sent out a message on Facebook urging friends and family to look out for a girl’s Target shirt that was sold during 2011-2012. The shirt was for her daughter who has autism and is fixated on this particular flowered shirt. The daughter received the first of these shirts when she was in kindergarten and has been obsessed with the shirt ever since. Her mom has scoured eBay and had found four in the past, but had trouble finding anymore. The last of her shirts had become barely wearable. The Facebook request was her last hope. A week after she posted the request a local news station shared the story. The post has since been shared 33,000 times and the family has received 163 of these shirts. The mom says that although her daughter does not fully understand, she is so excited to have her favorite shirt. They have received so many shirts that the mom was able to turn some into pillows. The Internet can be an amazing place. Read the full article here.


Nava SiltonComment