Anna Kendrick’s Response When I Told Her I Was on the Autism Spectrum

Kerry Magro is a motivational speaker and disability advocate who is on the autism spectrum. Through his career, he has met celebrities from Luke Bryan to Tommy Hilfiger. Most recently he met Anna Kendrick and her reaction to what he does for a living almost brought him to tears. Magro has been a fan of Kendrick for a really long time, so when he heard she was coming to New York City for a book signing he was stoked. When the time finally came, Kendrick gave Magro a hug and a big smile. He told her about his job and how he was on the autism spectrum. Her response was “OMG, you are awesome! I’m so glad you get to do what you do.” Read the full blog post on Kerry Magro’s website here.

Nava SiltonComment