Company Manufactures 500 Copies Of Discontinued Cup For Man's Autistic Son

In a previous post we talked about a women who was desperate to find a discontinued shirt for her daughter. With the help of the internet she was able to secure hundreds of shirts for her daughter with autism who was reluctant to wear anything else. Here is another heartwarming story of a parent who in desperation turned to the internet and was not let down. Dad, Marc, did not know what to do when the one cup his son with severe autism would drink out of broke. They have had this cup since he was 2, and he is now 14 years old. Marc posted on twitter that he would provide a reward for anyone who would send him the cup, as his son would rather become dehydrated than drink from anything else. The responses he got were so overwhelming that they caught the attention of the manufacturer. The company was able to find the original mold for the sippy cup in China and they were willing to make as many cups as Marc needed for his son. People took to twitter again to commend the company who was willing to create 500 cups! Because of the support of random strangers Marc will no longer have to worry about the possibly of his dehydrating.  Read the full article here:

Nava SiltonComment