Crip the Vote Hashtag Brings Attention to People With Disabilities

Around 56 million Americans have either a physical or developmental disability, making individuals with disabilities the largest minority in the country. However, this minority group is not a focus for presidential candidates. This is an issue, since these individuals especially need strong political advocates due to the hardships they encounter. In order to give voice to this minority group during the presidential race, individuals are using the hashtag #CriptheVote. The campaign aims to push political candidates to address the issues individuals with disabilities face. Additionally, the campaign recognizes that a disability is not the only identity a person can have and thus is also aimed at stimulating dialogue about the intersectionality of race and gender in the community. The campaign encourages individuals with disabilities to use #CriptheVote in their Facebook and Twitter posts to spread the word that individuals with disabilities matter in this election. Read more about the campaign here  

Nava SiltonComment