Digitability: A New Curriculum Teaching The Necessary Digital Skills For Students with Cognitive Disabilities to Be Successful in the Workplace

Special Education teacher Michele McKeone spent her days preparing students with autism for life after high school graduation. One day she noticed a gap in the curriculum. The students were never taught the digital literacy skills that they would inevitably need in the workplace. The US Bureau of Labor estimates that more than half of all jobs require some degree of technical skills and these students do not have the opportunity to gain those skills. McKeone saw this as an opportunity. She quit her job and started her company, Digitability, an online curriculum teaching those necessary digital skills. The company has won several technology contests and is being implemented in the Philadelphia School District in which McKeone used to work as well as in two private schools in New Jersey. The curriculum allows individuals with cognitive disabilities to choose from a wider range of jobs, rather than the usual food service jobs, janitorial work and basic landscaping. Learn more about the company here. 

Nava SiltonComment