Why One Mom is Done Worrying About Grade Levels and Deficits

Just like our characters in Realabilites, the weaknesses that kids with disabilities have are also accompanied by great strength. This is why mom, Shawna, is done worrying about grade levels and deficits. Her ten year old is reading at a first grade level. Although this sounds bad, just two years ago he was reading at a preschool level, so he has made significant progress. Additionally, although reading might not be his thing, he is grades ahead in science and math. Shawna also has another son who reads at a college level, but cannot perform sequential tasks, requiring even the most basic executive functioning skills. It is hard not to get wrapped up in grade levels and how behind students are, but like Shawna, we should start looking and celebrating what our kids can do rather than what they struggle to do. Read the full article here.


Nava SiltonComment