A 5th grade class in Michigan is fundraising to buy an ‘all inclusive’ playground for disabled student

The fifth graders at Tobey Elementary in Vicksburg, Michigan noticed that one of their classmates was being unfairly left out. Kindergartener Hannah Cook has recess at the same time as fifth grader Carcel Tharge. Hannah has cerebral palsy that affects her lower limbs. She wears leg braces and often uses a walker to walk around. Carcel noticed that Hannah was always playing alone in the sandbox with her aid. He ran up to his friends and proclaimed that they had to do something. After talking with the principal, the students came up with an idea to fundraise for an all-inclusive playground. They created a Go Fund Me page and handed out flyers during a local parade. The playground is going to have a ramp that Hannah can use her walker on, a little slide she can go down and swings that are accessible to her. The kids have raised $16,000 so far and have a goal of raising $20,000, which they are confident they will reach. Read the full news article here.

Nava SiltonComment