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Local photographer shares gift of memories


A collection of stories, experiences and uplifting tales regarding the world of disabilities and the individuals who have them.

Local photographer shares gift of memories

Nava Silton

After reading about a photographer who refused to take on a client with special needs, Stephanie Smith decided to take a stand. An office manager by day, Smith takes photos in her free time usually charging $125 per hour of work, but for these clients her photo sessions are free. All she asks in return is a picture of her and the child. Smith started this work by posting on Facebook that she was willing to donate special needs photo shoots. To Smith’s surprise the responses quickly rolled in. Smith has a disabled sister of her own and understands the financial burden a disabled family member can put on a family. Three times a months Smith does these photo shoots. Recently she did one for a twelve year old boy, Shane Lapsey, and his family. Lapsey has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), or brittle bone disease. The photo shoot was rescheduled many times as things keep popping up--a fall, a banged up nose, a broken tibia. “It's just, one thing after another,” Lapsey’s mom said. “When we get [Shane] and he's healthy and happy, these are such good moments for him.” Thanks to the generous work of Stephanie Smith one of these moments will be captured forever.

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