"Seeing Wondrous Abilities Within Disability"



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My name is Addy and I’m going to be showing you around the world that my buddy Uno and I live in. It’s a world full of adventures and heroes and mountains and schools and rocketships and there’s this weird guinea pig guy that is just THE funniest thing and … I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? I do that a lot! My parents are always telling me to take a deep breath and to stop going off on so many tangents. They say it’s on account of my ADHD, which is short for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I can be a bit spontaneous, a bit rash and impulsive, a bit…



RJ is a kid in my class who uses a wheelchair. He has something called “paraplegia”, which is really, really hard to spell. He is the “cool guy” in the group who uses his buff arms and his fancy wheelchair to transport me and the rest of my friends to any destination. His wheelchair has footstools for us and all of these cool gadgets attached to it, and between that and his impressive strength, he is the most physically-gifted person I’ve ever met.



Melody is my friend who has low vision. She has this cool walking stick that doubles up as a wand, micro-phone and even as a sword. She’s the wise one in the group, who usually gives us insight on what’s going on and keeps us on-task. She has an AMAZING musical talent. Her voice has perfect pitch and tone and I’m frankly a little jealous of this. I like to sing too, and I’m getting better every day....despite what the howling cats in the neighborhood seem to think.


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