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A collection of stories, experiences and uplifting tales regarding the world of disabilities and the individuals who have them.

Cheerleader asks special needs student to prom in the sweetest way possible

Nava Silton

Varsity cheerleader Mikal Bartosik had already been to two proms, so when her friend Jonathan Ramilo showed interest in attending this year’s event, she decided to ask him herself. Jonathan, a kid with special needs, was overjoyed by her cookie cake promposal. Mikal and Jonathan met two years ago when Mikal started visiting his lunch table to hang out with her friend Eric, who also has special needs. Mikal became close with all of Eric’s lunch buddies, including Jonathan. Mikal knew how special and fun prom can be and wanted to share that with Jonathan. The promposal video has gone viral as Jonathan reads the cake and then skips around the room with joy.  Watch the video and read more here.