Innovative Microsoft App Provides Assistance to Those With Vision Impairment

Seeing AI, Microsoft’s newly released app that uses artificial intelligence, has the potential to alter the lives of those who are visually impaired. The app is designed to utilize the camera of a smart phone to take images of everything that surrounds the individual. Once the image is captured the app will dictate aloud what is in that image. The technology within the app is able to identify specific items, as well as people. If an individual is having a conversation, the app is able to identify the speaker’s age, facial structures, and emotions. Not only can Seeing AI be used with smartphones, but it can also be used with SMART glasses. The creator of Seeing AI, Saquib Shaikh, went blind at a young age and was able to put his knowledge of the challenges those with visual impairment face into the development of Seeing AI. The success of Seeing Al illustrates the advancement of technology for those with disabilities and how such technologies are helping them gain further independence.

Nava SiltonComment