Motorized Wheelchairs will Now Be Able to Be Waterproof

Motorized wheelchairs are extremely helpful for individuals with physical disabilities. They allow these individuals to move around with ease without the need of upper body strength or an assistant pushing them around. However, these chairs do lack in one major way. Their batteries and electronics make them insufficient for use at beaches, waterparks and pools. This is where Dr. Rory Cooper comes in. Cooper, who holds a Ph.D in electrical and computer engineering, was approached by park officials of Morgan’s Wonderland to create a waterproof wheelchair. Morgan’s Wonderland of San Antonio is a fully accessible, 25-acre theme park. Cooper’s PneuChairs are going to be available for guest of the newest addition to Morgan’s Wonderland, Morgan’s Inspiration Island, a $16 million splash park that will open late spring. Learn more about PneuChairs, which name comes from the pneumatic power it runs on, here

Nava SiltonComment