Mom make Illustrations to Define Words Necessary as a Parent with a Child with Autism

As is often the case when a parent finds out that their child has autism they are thrown into a world they know nothing about and have little time to learn. This was the case for mom Lisa Smith. Smith’s youngest son Tate has autism. As a concerned and loving mother, Smith has spent much time researching and reading about autism. During her research she often had to stop to look up the definitions of words. These words have now become a part of her daily vocabulary. Smith writes a blog chronicling her parenting called Quirks and Chaos. She was going to post a blog post with the list of the words and their definitions that she has learned over the years. She decided to take what could have been a somewhat boring vocabulary list and make it entertaining as well as more visually appealing by adding illustrations. She defined words including scripting, IEP, echolalia, stim, transition, and elopement among many others. You can check out her “Autism 101” vocabulary illustrations here

Nava SiltonComment