Michigan Salon to Hold Sensory Friendly Sundays

In Grand Blanc, Michigan hair dresser Wendy Williams is partnering up with Identity Salon to offer sensory-friendly hair cuts. For individuals with sensory issues, such as those on the autism spectrum, getting a hair cut can be an extremely difficult situation. However, of course, it does need to be done. This is where Wendy comes in. Wendy wants to make sure that every customer feels as comfortable as possible and has dedicated to open up her salon on Sundays, by appointment, to give special sensory friendly cuts. Wendy plans to make hair cuts a pleasant experience for all by reducing the general environment conditions that can be overwhelming, i.e sounds and noises, and by getting to know each client and their sensory needs. Learn more about Wendy and her Sensory-Friendly Sundays here

Nava SiltonComment