Rising Tide Car Wash Employs Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

John D’Eri and his son Andrew, who is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, opened a carwash in 2013 with the mission of employing individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. D’Eri wanted individuals like his son to have the opportunity to earn a paycheck, while learning job skills and building a community. Rising Tide Car Wash started out washing 40,000 cars a year and has now quadrupled its business to 160,000 cars washed this past year. D’Eri attributes the company’s success to the workers. The repetition of a car wash job is perfect for those on the spectrum, who not only gravitate towards repetitive actions, but also keep up a strong attitude throughout the workday. Learn more about Rising Tide Car Wash here

Nava SiltonComment