A Fairy Tale That Teaches Kids About Downs Syndrome

A journalist and TV programmer wrote a children’s fairy tale to teach children about Down syndrome. Silke Schnee’s youngest son, Noah was born in 2008 with Down syndrome. Her inspiration for this book was the effect she witnessed Noah having on the people around him despite his disability. The book she wrote is called “The Prince Who Was Just Himself.” The fairy tale is about a king and a queen whose third child, Prince Noah, “looks a little different” and is “not like the others.” As the story goes on the family finds that Prince Noah is special in his own way even though he can’t do all the same things his brothers can. Prince Noah shines when he is able to take down the kingdom’s greatest enemy. This book is great for kids with and without disabilities and encourages kids to value everyone’s unique qualities. Read more about the book here

Nava SiltonComment