Company Creates Special Toys for Special Needs

For a parent of a child with a visual impairment, it may be hard to imagine having a game of catch with your child. The toy company, Playability, has made a toy that makes just that possible. The toy is called Rib-it-ball and its crinkly texture designed makes it easy to catch and to track auditory cues. This toy is just one of the many that have been created by Playability Toys to accommodate children with special needs. The toy company works with parents, teachers and therapists to create toys that are visually stimulating for children with visual impairments, tactilely stimulating for children with autism and auditory- stimulating for children with hearing impairments. The company’s website allows shoppers to search by special need. You can learn more about Playabilities in this feature on or visit their website at

Nava SiltonComment