NFL Pushes to Make Football More Sensory Friendly

We have seen many stores from Target to Chuck.E.Cheese to Toys R Us create sensory friendly shopping times. Now the NFL is jumping on board. Football games would often be considered the last place you would want to take a child with autism or sensory processing disorder due to the constant noise, large crowds and bright lights. NFL wanted to make football games a place that families with children with autism not only can go to, but also want to go to. They started this initiative with the Orlando Pro Bowl on January 29th.  The game was made sensory friendly with the addition of a quiet room for parents to bring their child if they feel overwhelmed, the handing out of a special Sensory Stacks with tools to make the experience safe and enjoyable, and the training of security and staff on how to make the stadium autism-friendly. This is just the start for NFL. They hope to spread this program to more stadiums and for more games. Read more about the Orlando Pro Bowl and its accessibility here

Nava SiltonComment