MIT’s Open Style Lab is Dedicated to Creating Innovative Clothing for Individuals with Disabilities

The Open Style Lab started when co-founder Grace Teo met two ladies with multiple sclerosis during her time working in a Boston Hospital. She noticed how the women were wearing very plain clothing and jewelry. Grace realized this was due to the women’s inability to use buttons, zippers and small tabs. After speaking to the women, Grace discovered that the lack of stylish adaptive clothing was a large issue. It kept individuals with disabilities from being able to take part in events that they otherwise would, such as dates or parties. This is how Open Style Lab was born. Open Style Lab is a ten week research program that teams up fashion designers, engineers and occupational therapists to provide stylish and functional clothing solutions to individuals with disabilities. Last summer’s program brought together 13 fellows to create four wearable solutions to four deserving clients. Learn more about Open Style Lab on their website

Nava SiltonComment