Company Spotlight: Theresa’s Twist

Theresa’s Twist is a non-profit pretzel-making company with the mission of empowering and employing individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome. The company was founded by Theresa Daniels and her family. Theresa has Asperger’s, but she and her family refuse to allow the syndrome to hold her back. She has been able to attend four universities and colleges and is pursuing a degree in Sociology and Business in order to run Theresa’s Twist. The company’s goal is to give individuals with Asperger’s employment opportunities while teaching them life, job and social skills. As we have reported on before, individuals on the Autism spectrum have difficulty obtaining jobs due to their lack of social skills even though they are qualified for the position. Theresa’s Twist is fighting this by demonstrating that individuals with Asperger’s are dedicated, qualified and enjoyable employees who can be great additions to a company. Right now Theresa’s Twist is an online caterer, but they hope to move into a food truck and eventually a brick and mortar. Learn more about Theresa’s Twist here. 

Nava SiltonComment