College Football Players Makes a Young Boy’s Lunchtime Extra Special

As college football season starts, all eyes are on Florida States’ receiver Travis Rudolph, but not for the reason you would suspect. The player gained attention after a photo of him eating lunch with a child with autism was posted online by the child’s thankful mother. The team went to visit a middle school in Tallahassee, Florida and when Rudolph saw a young boy sitting by himself, he decided to eat lunch with him. Rudolph did not know that this young boy has autism and eats alone almost everyday. Luckily someone caught the moment on camera and sent the photo to the boy’ mother. This was not a publicity stunt. In fact, in an interview Rudolph was shown the Facebook post of the mom and said he was “brought to tears.” No matter what goes down this season, Rudolph will be remembered as a class act. Read the full article here.


Nava SiltonComment