6 Ways To Be a Better Ally For People Living with Disabilities

It’s great when typical individuals want to be allies for individuals with disabilities. Although people have the best intentions at heart, the way they show their support might not always come across the way they think or hope. This article lists the six things you should think about in order to become a stronger ally to the disability community. The list includes: 1. Don’t use individuals with disabilities as your own source of inspiration to rise above challenges. 2. View aids that enhance the lives of people with disabilities as more than just devices, but as extensions of the person. 3. Understand that a person’s disability does not define them, though it may be a strong part of his/her identity. 4. Never lower expectations for someone who has a disability. 5. Don’t assume that individuals with disabilities are saddened or live unfulfilled lives and 6. Stop being afraid of disabilities. Get more details and read the full article here.


Nava SiltonComment