Paralympian Megan Absten Hopes to be a Role Model to Kids with Disabilities

Paralympian Megan Absten is giving back by talking to kids with disabilities about having self-acceptance. Megan knows first-hand that it can be hard for kids with disabilities to have self-confidence. When she was 14 years old, she lost her arm in an ATV accident. At that age, she said that being different seemed like “the worst thing in the world.” However, then she realized that she was not alone. "Finding role models like Paralympic athletes and Amy Purdy and seeing their success really got me through my grief," she says. Now she wants to be a role model for others. In June, Megan partnered with Cetaphil for a surprise visit to Camp Wonder, a camp for kids with serious and fatal skin disorders. During her visit she shared her struggles after her accident and how she overcame them. Read the exclusive People article here.


Nava SiltonComment