A Middle School Football Team Does a Selfless Act

A middle school football team in Olivet, Michigan secretly made a special play to honor a member on their team with a disability. The team members made a plan to get as close to the end zone as possible without scoring and then allow their team member, Keith, to score the touchdown. Keith has a learning disability and has a social skills impairment. The players were able to pull off this plan without the help or knowledge, of any adults. During a home game, the players took the ball down to the one-yard line and then took a knee. The players huddled around Keith and gave him the ball in order for him to score his first touchdown. Video footage makes it hard to see Keith because his teammates are being so protective over him while he runs. Keith later described the moment as “awesome.” Watch the video footage of this amazingly selfless moment here.

Nava SiltonComment