How 'Pokemon Go' is helping kids with autism and Asperger's

Pokemon Go is sweeping the nation. The revamp of the popular Pokemon game has players walk around to find Pokemons at Pokestops. The game has received some bad press recently due to people thinking that it has the potential to be dangerous, but now it is benefitting from some more positive press since it has been found to be beneficial for children with autism. Although there has been no scientific evidence, parents are beginning to notice a difference. The game encourages children who usually have no motivation to go outside, to go outside and hunt for Pokemon. It also provides children with a social hook to interact with their peers. The game is great for children with autism because it has a finite number of characters that is consistent and stable. Children with autism tend to prefer things that are list-based or concrete or fact-based. Additionally children with autism are great at learning and memorizing things that they are interested in giving them ammo to have a great conversation with peers. Of course all activities children take part in should be monitored to make sure they stay fun and safe. You can read two parents’ stories and more of what experts say here.


Nava SiltonComment