10 Things You Can Do For a Parent Whose Child Was Recently Diagnosed With Autism

You are sitting at a table and your friend tells you that her son/daughter has autism, what do you do? Do you tell her about your third cousin’s kid who has autism, who is brilliant and say that it is just a phase or do you just listen? The answer is just listen. All children with autism are different and they should not be compared to one another. Additionally, autism is not a phase, it is a lifelong neurological disorder. Many people are unsure what to do in the previous situation. They feel bad and want to help, but they don’t know how. Kim McCaffery created a list of ten things you can do for a parent whose child was recently given a diagnosis of autism. Having two children with varying levels of autism, she has experienced this moment way too often. Being a good friend to a parent receiving this life-changing news can be essential, the best thing to do is to ensure he/she does not feel alone in what can be an extremely stressful moment in his/her life.

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