Young triathlete with cerebral palsy creates race to help other kids with disabilities

Bailey Matthews, a nine year old boy with cerebral palsy, did what others might have thought was impossible: he completed a triathlon. Last summer he completed a 100-meter swim, 4-kilometer bike ride and 1.3 kilometer run alongside his dad; ditching his walker to cross the finish line unassisted. He is now using his success to help inspire others. He has teamed up with the triathlon clothing company, Hubb, to organize a triathlon. The Be More Bailey Triathlon is aimed at galvanizing individuals, who would otherwise not be confident enough to pursue such a challenge, to do so. The race was free, although they did ask for donations. Additionally parents were encouraged to race alongside their children. Even though Matthews still has trouble putting on socks, he sees himself as an able-bodied person who can do anything he sets his mind to.

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