A Woman Taught Her "Popular" Daughter to Include Even the Most Unlikable of People

Parents are heavily invested in their kid’s sports, extracurriculars, academics and nutrition. What they are not always as invested in is in the way their child treats other children. Of course parents want their kids to be nice to every one and not to leave other children out, but these ideals are not always enforced. When mom Leslie was told by her “popular” daughter that a girl, Bethany, was annoying her and her friends by following them around and trying to sit with them at lunch, instead of brushing it off or saying how her daughter could get away from Bethany, Leslie turned it around. Being a self proclaimed Army brat, Leslie knew all to well what it feels like to want to be friends with the “popular” girls. She made her daughter get to know Bethany, first starting out with her daughter finding out three interesting things about Bethany. This sparked a conversation between Leslie and her daughter about inclusiveness. Leslie’s daughter ended up becoming really good friends with Bethany and was deeply saddened when Bethany and her family moved away a few years later. Leslie’s story should inspire other parents to have a real conversation with their kids about inclusiveness, friendship and bullying.


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Nava SiltonComment