This Barbie Wheelchair Accessory Is Normalizing Disabilities

There has recently been a push for more inclusive toys and rightfully so. Kids should be able to play with dolls and action figures that represent them. For this reason toy designer Nickolay Lamm developed a new doll accessory to normalize the use of wheelchairs. Lamm, known for his “Normal Barbie” created a wheelchair accessory that can be used with any Barbie, Monster High or Disney Princess doll. This way, children can have their favorite characters better represent them and start to break the stigma around physical disabilities. Lamm and his team shared the toy accessory with students at Ayita Dance Studio in Texas, which offers dance lessons to children in wheelchairs. The kids loved the toy and found joy in having their Barbies act like them. Read more about Lamm and his wheelchair toy accessory here.

Nava SiltonComment