Spectrum Toy Store in Chicago Specializes in Sensory Friendly Toys

We have posted before about a bunch of different sensory friendly toys. Now there is a toy store in Chicago specializing in sensory friendly toys. Spectrum Toy Store was started by a behavior therapist after he realized that is clients were buying toys and sensory products on Amazon or Ebay, but had no where to go locally. He decided to open Spectrum Toy Store, the first of its kind in Illinois and one of several stores designed for kids with developmental disabilities in the U.S, so that parents could have their kids test out the products before they spend their money on them. Spectrum Toy Store is more than just a toy store though. They also offer individual and small group skill building activities with a range of skills from communication, cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, life skills and social skills. The toy store partners up with non-profit Children’s Advanced Recreation and Education to create sensory friendly activities in which the kids interact with the toys in the store and employees recommend toys to parents. For people who live outside of Chicago they can still get the benefit of having a variety of different toys in one place by visiting the Spectrum Toy Store website. Read more about the store her

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