KultureCity Creates Free lifeBOKS Program for Kids With Autism Who Wander

We have spoken before about Kulture City and their Love Without Words movement which encourages people to recognize that words are not the only way that people can express their emotions. This was sparked from the idea that individuals with autism may have trouble expressing their love through words, but does not mean that they cannot express love. We are featuring Kulture City again for its LifeBOKS program. LifeBOKS are free kits given to autistic children to prevent wandering and wandering related activities. On their website you can apply to get your own LifeBOKS as well as donate to supply a family with a LifeBOKS. For only $18 you could provide a child with the resources to keep them safe. One of the things that the box includes is a BuddyTag, a bracelet that uses Bluetooth to provide out of range alerts as well as water safety alarms and panic alarms that a child can use to contact their parent. The bracelet also has a personal ID. Additionally, the box includes a pack of SafetyTats, tattoos that can be customized with phone numbers and other information, SmartKidIDs wearable and window/door alarms. Another way to contribute is to buy graphic t-shirts with adorable graphics promoting a happy and safe life for children with autism. Visit the website here

Nava Silton6 Comments