Target Will Offer Quiet Shopping Time For Parents Of Children With Autism

Target jumped on the quiet hours’ bandwagon just in time for holiday shopping. Holiday shopping is stressful on it’s own. There are so many people to buy for, so little time, only so much money etc. Imagine having to do all this with a child who is overstimulated and becomes easily distraught by the loud noises, bright lights and surprising sounds that are apparent in any store. This is what parents of children with autism and other sensory processing disorders have to worry about. Target has decided to make the holiday shopping experience better for these families. On December 10th a Pennsylvania Target welcomed families from 6 to 8 am to shop in a more sensory friendly atmosphere. The music was turned off, lights lowered and there was less staff on the floor. Although this event only happened in the one central Pennsylvania Target, representatives for Good Housekeeping spoke to people from Target who confirmed they are considering participation by other locations. Target has been known for its inclusivity and this is just one more reason to love them. Read more about the program here

Nava SiltonComment