Asperger’s Are Us Documentary Now Available

Over the summer we blogged about the first comedy troupe comprised of all individuals on the autism spectrum, “Asperger’s Are Us.” The comedic troupe first made headlines in 2011 and now a documentary, with the same title, was released on iTunes on November 15th and will be released on Netflix in early December. The documentary follows the four friends, who met at a summer camp, as they prepare for their final show together as “Asperger’s Are Use.” The film’s producer, Mark Duplass, said that he was drawn in by “the high level of integrity of the boys.” The boys want to people to like them because they are funny, not pity them because they have Asperger’s. In fact they often wear shirts that say “I don’t want your pity.” You can purchase this moving documentary here

Nava SiltonComment