Mom makes Pillows for Children with Sensory Needs

This is another amazing case in which a special needs parent saw a gap in the resources out there for their child and took it upon themselves to fill that gap. Founder Stephanie Mitelman’s son was diagnosed with special needs at the age of two. He had trouble sitting in one place long enough to eat his meals, read a story or sit for circle time. The occupational therapist suggested a vibrating mat and it worked. The only problem was that the mat was very bulky and needed to be plugged in.  Thus the mat was not ideal for any situation outside of the home, such as school, the library or a restaurant. Stephanie went out in search of a more portable mat and couldn’t find one. That was when Senseez was born. Senseez are fun-shaped, portable vibrating cushions that provide a gentle sensation when squeezed or sat on. The company is very successful and has been featured in various media outlets and has won multiple awards. Learn more about the company here.

Nava SiltonComment