Toys R Us Offering Quiet Shopping Hour For Kids With Autism

A few weeks ago we wrote about JC Penny having a special shopping session that catered to individuals who are sensory sensitive. Toys R Us has decided to do the same. As Thanksgiving approaches so does one of the most stressful times of the year, Christmas shopping. For parents of children with autism this experience is even more stressful because the Christmas music, bright lights and crowds of people are extremely overwhelming for their children. For this reason Toys R Us stores across the United Kingdom are implementing a quiet hour for parents of kids with autism. On November 6th stores will dim their lights, shut off music and restrain from making loud announcements. The stores will also put up autism-friendly signs and create a quiet zone for families. Since Toys R Us is an American based company we hope to see these shopping experiences come to the states. Going to the toy store is one of the great moments of childhood and these quiet hours allow a group of kids who might otherwise miss out, create those wonderful memories. Read more about the quiet hours here

Nava SiltonComment